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Welcome to C.A.T.T.A.-COOP, INC.

Cooperative of Artisan Workers of the High Land

"One For All and All For One"

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We Invite You to Our 8th Taíno Indigenous Gathering on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 10, 11 & 12, 2012 ! - See "Activities" For More Information !

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Welcome!  Cooperative Friends and General Public

We stretch out our hands and our hearts in friendship and solidarity.

We are a group of Artisans of the High Land who have united to create and organize the first Cooperative of Artisan Workers of the High Land of Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Our Purpose and Goals include among other things:

  • To group together the Artisan Class of the High Land and Puerto Rico in order to improve socially and economically and Defend the interests of this guild.

  • To offer the Artisan a managerial infra-structure that facilitates access to local, national and international markets.

  • To develop and administer programs that promote the Puerto Rican Artisan Culture in order to offer services to the community of Jayuya and other towns: schools, organizations, visitors and tourists.

  • To serve as a centralized source for the purchase of materials and tools in order to reduce operating costs for the Artisan.

  • To rescue the Artisan Traditions that are in danger of extinction.

  • To educate the members of the Cooperative in the knowledge and practice of cooperative principles and encourage their active participation and to direct and guide the community in cooperatives as a means of social and economic development.

Board of Directors:  CATTA-COOP, INC.







Nilsa Caraballo Pagan

Ivan Ortiz

Irma Rodriguez

Crucita Montero Lopez

Basilisa Mercado Acevedo

Jose V. Nuñez

What Are We Doing?

  • Developing and programming workshops that promote the Puerto Rican Artisan Culture in collaboration with governmental and private entities.

  • Helping to educate the community, visitors and tourists on the Indigenous, Creole, African ("Borikano") Tradition and Culture which is reflected in the Artisan work and works of Art.

  • Developing improvement programs for the Artisan Community, and the community, in coordination with cultural organizations and other entities.

  • Raising the consciousness of our members and the public in general regarding Artisan Ecology, the care and the responsibility with nature and the environment.


  • We open the Artisan Shop:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and some Holidays from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

  • We take order for Artisan work in the Cooperative and the work is distributed between the members within those specialties.

  • We sell the Artisan work of the members in the Artisan Shop in the Elpidio Collazo (Maboití) Center of Art & Culture and market our products locally, nationally and internationally.

  • We receive on consignment, market and sell products from Certified Artisans (Non-Members).

What Do We Have?

  • The confidence and economic support of the Municipal Government of Jayuya, the Honorable Municipal Assembly.  And the commitment of our members to achieve our goal of being self-sufficient and inter-independent.

  • An Artisan Shop run by Artisans with a Variety of Artisan work from Jayuya and other towns - Puerto Rican Quality and Authenticity.


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