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Welcome to C.A.T.T.A.-COOP, INC.

Cooperative of Artisan Workers of the High Land

"One For All and All For One"

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We Invite You to Our 8th Taíno Indigenous Gathering on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 10, 11 & 12, 2012 ! - See "Activities" For More Information !

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In addition to orders and requests, please feel free to tell me what you think about our web site or to join our mailing list.  We welcome all comments and suggestions.

We are located in the Elpidio Collazo (Maboití) Center of Art & Culture

Bo. Coabey, Carr. 144 - Km. 9.3, Jayuya, Puerto Rico

PO Box 618, Jayuya, PR 00664

(787) 828-2548 (Tel./Fax)

(787) 664-7640 (Cel.# - Margarita Nogueras Vidal) (E-mail) (E-mail - Margarita Nogueras Vidal)


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